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I love to do school visits and presentations! Here are the main presentations I currently offer, and I am happy to tailor a presentation to fit the needs and interests of a classroom or group. School visits can also include workshop sessions. Here’s a sample of what I offer:

  • The Fort (45 minutes/grades K-4): This session includes a read aloud from my newest picture book, and then brainstorming, drawing, and writing time, to lead kids through the process of writing a story.
  • The Art of Nonfiction Research and Writing (45 minutes/grades 2-8): This presentation is about researching and writing nonfiction, and how to make the process both fun and engaging.
  • Let’s Talk About Climate Change (45 minutes/grades 2-8): In this age when the effects of climate change are becoming increasingly evident, kids need to understand what is happening and why. They can also be empowered to be part of the solution.
  • How to Find and Idea (45 minutes/grades K-8): Many kids have spoken the words, “But I don’t know what to write about!” This presentation takes kids on a journey to find ideas in all kinds of places, whether they are writing both fiction or nonfiction.


  • Writing for the Education Market (45-60 minutes): Learn about the innovative opportunities the education market has for freelance authors and teachers. Participants will learn how to query and write for educational publishers, including generating writing samples targeted to specific audiences.
  • Adventure in Research (45-60 minutes): Research can be quite daunting for both students and adults. But it doesn’t need to be! The trick is learning how to embrace the task and streamline the process, especially in the digital age. This session will also explore finding the “hook” in nonfiction topics to engage readers.
  • Creating a Writing Life (45-60 minutes): Becoming a writer is a journey that takes time and patience. Get ideas about how to enhance your writing life both online and in person, to improve your efficiency, and learn to embrace the process.The session also explores the pros and cons of social media, as well as how to get the most out of conferences, critique groups, webinars, and workshops.


Base fee is $250 for the first presentation/$125 for each additional session or workshop. Travel fees may apply if distance is over 30 miles from Boulder.

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