Kiss the Ground

If you were to pick up a handful of healthy soil, you’d be holding billions of microorganisms in your hands. Yes, billions. And when those healthy soil microbes work in harmony with plants and animals, they sequester carbon. That means … Continue reading

Daylight Saving Time

Yesterday we turned the clocks back an hour and are now in standard time again. But why? The concept literally has its roots in “saving daylight” to reduce electrical usage. I’m on board with that! In the northern hemisphere, we … Continue reading

Pumpkin Day

Happy pumpkin day! Yes, there seems to be a day to celebrate just about everything – pumpkins included. Let’s start at the very beginning. The word itself has its roots in the Greek word that means “large melon.” Yes, large … Continue reading

International Sloth Day

Tuesday October 20 is international sloth day, a day to celebrate and learn more about these strange but wonderful creatures. I’ve seen one in the wild, fairly up close and personal. And while they are slow they aren’t that slow. … Continue reading

The Mystery of Fruit Flies

These itty-bitty bugs (a mere 1/8 inch) are a nuisance. They arrive seemingly out of nowhere when the weather warms, at which point my fruit bowl and compost bins are relegated to the garage for the summer. It is now … Continue reading

Stick Bugs

I have been prompted to investigate stick bugs because a friend of mine in Minnesota found one the other day. Without even researching further, this is interesting for two reasons. One, stick bugs are most often found in tropical and … Continue reading

Mission Blue

I saw a documentary this week that was both difficult to watch at times while inspiring at others. It was called Mission Blue, featuring the legendary American marine biologists Dr. Sylvia Earl. She has spent decades (she is now 85 … Continue reading

Black-Capped Chickadees

For a while now I’ve been thinking about chickadees (long story). Then one flew into the house the other day…yep, right into the living room and up to the skylight. I managed to get the poor thing back outside without … Continue reading


It is sunflower season! They are brilliant, amazing flowers, especially if you are lucky enough to come across a whole field of them…a sea of color. But if you look closer, closer, and closer still, you can appreciate the delicate … Continue reading

Behold the Dragonfly

A dragonfly visited me the other day, just outside my window. It was still in the garden when I went out for a better view. I moved closer, and closer, and closer. Minutes went by as I watched. Then I … Continue reading