On a Colorado-clear-blue-sky day, on one of those magical mornings blanketed in new snow, I go exploring, high in the mountains. At first the forest seems quiet when there’s snow – it’s still. Almost like everything has stopped to sleep … Continue reading

It’s a Magical World

We’ve already had a lot of snow this season – it started just before Halloween and seems to keep coming. After every new snowfall I find myself staring at a framed copy of Bill Watterson’s last Calvin and Hobbes comic, … Continue reading


Given the season, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about reindeer. Or is it caribou? The answer is, it’s both! Reindeer and caribou are, in fact, the same animal. What we call them depends on location. In Europe … Continue reading

Animal Conservationists

Happy book birthday! Animal Conservationists makes its way into the world this month, celebrating the ongoing work of scientists to save species at risk in the face of climate change, habitat destruction, pollution, and invasive species. The work of these … Continue reading

Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko

If you look like the leaf you’re sitting on, you are a lot less likely to be singled out as a meal by a predator. And, if you don’t get eaten, you are also more likely to live long enough … Continue reading

MacGregor’s Bowerbird

In my lifetime I’ve watched many, many documentaries, but none have made me laugh out loud like Dancing with the Birds. I also think I set a new record for the number of times I said, “WHOA!” All the birds … Continue reading

Paint Mines

I am constantly reminded that the earth is an amazing place. For me, the awe usually has to do with some kind of living creature. This past weekend it was rocks. Paint Mines in El Paso County, Colorado is a … Continue reading


As I walked across campus this week, I came across a squirrel hastily covering a nut or acorn it had just buried. When it saw me it froze. Caught in the act. We had a staring contest for many seconds. … Continue reading


Remember each day The power of being present. Of not speaking but holding a hand giving a hug offering a smile. Listening. Take time. Make time. Cherish the bonds of family of friendship life, love, and laughter. Because today is … Continue reading

I’m Glad I’m Not a Duck

As I walked by Boulder Creek near the library the other day, the usual flock of ducks was happily cackling, swimming, and preening. The shoreline and rocks in the creek were covered in snow. I was bundled in boots, coat, … Continue reading