Snow Fly

While snowshoeing high, high in the mountains, on top of snow measured in feet, we came across what we thought was a spider. Instantly puzzled, we wondered what the heck a spider was doing walking across the snow on a … Continue reading

Greenland Shark

Last week I had the honor of reading one of my picture books to a group of second graders (hello Dry Creek Elementary 2nd grade!). Afterwards they asked what I like to write about, and I explained how much I … Continue reading


Robins are a common site across North America. They are so common that we often don’t give them much thought. Yet in the past months I’ve come to appreciate the common birds that populate my yard and visit my feeder, … Continue reading

Common Goldeneye

Recently I came across a bird I’d never seen – the common goldeneye. They are members of the family of water birds (ducks, geese, etc.) and have apparently come to Colorado for the winter. Personally I would’ve kept flying south, … Continue reading

Winter Solstice

Unlike many people, I am not one to celebrate the arrival of winter. I DO, however, celebrate the solstice. HOORAY, we made it! At last, the amount of darkness will wane. The amount of daylight will begin to increase once … Continue reading

Wolves Coming Back to Colorado!

Among the other excellent election day news, Coloradoans voted in favor of a ballot initiative to reintroduce gray wolves in the state. It’s been 80 years since Colorado has had an established population. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, as … Continue reading

Elephant Heads (the flowers, not the animals)

Yes, I know it is not wildflower season right now. However, I’m in the process of developing a book about the adaptations of alpine wildflowers with a publisher. One of featured flowers will be elephant heads. For starters, they are … Continue reading

Steller’s Jays

Today I wanted to write about Steller’s jays because they are outside my office window squawking for attention – screeching really. Those birds certainly cause a ruckus. And every time I look out the window to see what’s going on, … Continue reading


Treehoppers – they are not birds nor are they primates, they are insects. Very. Strange. Insects. There are over 3000 species of treehoppers (with possibly many more waiting for classification or discovery) and they all sport some weird headgear. Some … Continue reading

Bums of Steel

Wombats are cute, stout, short-legged, waddling, marsupials. And they have bums of steel. When chased, often by a Tasmanian devil or a dingo, a wombat will dive headfirst into its burrow, blocking it with its rump of tough, extra-thick skin … Continue reading