Creature Feature #5: Sidewinders

The fifth and final creature feature before the picture book science series is published on August 13, is the sidewinder snake. As I researched and wrote Water-Walking, Sidewinding, and other Remarkable Reptile Adaptations (Nomad Press, August 2020), I discovered why … Continue reading

Creature Feature #4: Blackspot Tuskfish

My appreciation of fish was, before I wrote the picture book series about animal adaptations, limited to the beautiful tropical fish I see while snorkeling. Yet as research has shown me time and time again, there is so much more … Continue reading

Creature Feature #3: Waxy Monkey Tree Frog

Sunscreen, Frogsicles, and Other Amazing Amphibian Adaptations (Nomad Press, August 2020), book 3 in the picture book science series, features the bizarre adaptations of amphibians. Like with the other books, it was difficult to decide which amphibians to include because … Continue reading

Creature Feature #2: Toucans

Another animal adaptations book in my picture book science series is about birds: Spit Nests, Puke Power, and Other Brilliant Bird Adaptations (Nomad Press, August 2020). While I’ve always liked birds, doing the research for the book gave me an … Continue reading

Creature Feature #1: Camels

In a few short weeks, my picture book science series about animal adaptations will make its way into the world (Nomad Press, August 2020). I can’t wait to share these books with kids – they are gross, silly, and fun. … Continue reading


Fireflies are one of the many magical parts of summer – the polka-dots of light blinking in the darkness on a warm night. There are approximately 2,000 species of fireflies around the world (150 of them in North America). Some … Continue reading

Caddis Flies

Fisherman probably already know how cool caddis fly larvae are, but I didn’t! At an amazing high mountain lake the other day, I saw strange critters moving around on the rocks in the clear water. I hung out over the … Continue reading


There is a lot to see and do in Colorado’s high country and for that I am eternally grateful. One of my all-time personal favorites is a hike to an alpine lake in the summertime. On those lucky days, I … Continue reading


Cicadas – they are loud, and this year in many Atlantic states, there will be a lot of them (up to 1.5 million in an acre!). They spend most of their lives underground and when they do emerge, they must … Continue reading

World Oceans Day

Today is world oceans day – a day to pause, to celebrate Earth’s oceans, and remember how important it is to protect them.  A few facts: Life on Earth began in the ocean. The oceans cover 70% of the planet. … Continue reading