Take Only Pictures, Leave Only Footprints

‘Tis the season when so many of us are taking advantage of warmer weather to get out and enjoy nature – hiking, biking, swimming, camping, and more. Yet no matter the season or the location, whenever you are outdoors, remember … Continue reading

PLAN a Summer Menu

A few weeks ago I talked about eating local – visiting farmers markets and local farms. It’s a great way to support local farmers, reduce food miles, and enjoy fresher, tastier food. Now that we are further into the summer … Continue reading

Plastic Free July

I do realize that previous posts have talked about different types of plastic use reduction So, to some extent, I am repeating myself. And yet I believe that this is a message that does need to be repeated many times … Continue reading

Repurpose with Purpose

It’s summertime! That means time outdoors, visits with family, vacation, and lots of free time. Why not use that free time to learn how to repurpose items you might normally throw away? Did you know you can repurpose a soda … Continue reading

GROW a Pollinator Garden

We all know that pollinators are important for flowering plants – they move from flower to flower transporting grains of pollen from one to the other. Yet have you ever considered how important they are? Pollinators are responsible for one … Continue reading

EAT Local

‘Tis the season for farmers’ markets and a great time to EAT local. Why eat local? Eating locally grown food supports local farmers and your area’s economy. The food is fresher and tastier. It’s better for you. But most importantly, … Continue reading

AVOID Single-Use Plastic

I have been called out many times for my tree-hugging dorkdom. So be it. But one thing that gets a lot of attention (and teasing) is when I bring my own Tupperware or straw to a restaurant or provide my … Continue reading

Take a Hike

Next Saturday, June 5, 2021, is World Environment Day. It also happens to be National Trails Day. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate these days than to take a HIKE! Being outdoors, enjoying nature, and looking for … Continue reading

FLIP the Switch

This is an easy one to get into the habit of doing. Not a back flip (or even a front flip) but remembering to FLIP the switch! You’ve probably heard this a zillion times…turn off the lights. But not just … Continue reading

CUT Your Own

Do you use a napkin when you eat? Your whole family probably does. In the cafeteria at lunch time, are people using napkins? Most likely. Think about what happens to those napkins at the end of the meal. If they … Continue reading