Shoebill Stork

Writing about animal adaptations is fun. I’m not talking about giraffe’s long neck (to help it reach leaves on the tallest trees) or a woodpecker’s beak (perfect for tap, tap, tapping into the bark of trees to find insects). No. … Continue reading

Happy Spring

Hooray! Spring has finally arrived. In the Rockies it certainly took its time this year. But now, the world is green, the birds are happy, and the flowers are up. Finally, it is warm. It is time to celebrate.

Grim News

My writing goal is to teach kids about the amazing biodiversity on the planet and inspire them to act to protect it. Some days, though, it is hard to stay positive. Recently the UN released a report about the grim … Continue reading

Velvet Worm

How did I make it this far in my life without knowing about the velvet worm? These caterpillar-like creatures have been around for over 400 million years and there are close to 200 different species! These little critters, with waterproof … Continue reading

Star-Nosed Mole

Meet the star-nosed mole. It is an unfortunate looking creature, but that nose is quite amazing. Those 22 creepy-looking, fleshy tentacles are not used for smelling, but for feeling. They are super-sensitive and quick, touching up to 12 objects per … Continue reading

Spring in the Desert

I always look forward to spring the way a kid looks forward to their birthday…counting the days, waiting, counting, waiting. And then it arrives. And it is a gift to be treasured. In the desert especially, spring is wondrous event. … Continue reading

Happy Earth Day

Today is a day to celebrate our planet and its amazing biodiversity. The first Earth Day was in 1970 and marked the beginning of the modern environmental movement to raise awareness about the human impact on the environment and to … Continue reading

Stink Fight!

I am currently working on a series of picture books about animal adaptations. We all know about camels’ humps, bats’ echolocation, and rabbits’ camouflage. But as I research, I’m learning about so many obscure and wonderful adaptations that get little … Continue reading


I couldn’t believe it when my editor at Nomad told me that Biodiversity earned a starred review from Booklist. I’m honored. But not just because it’s my book. I’m honored because it has such valuable information in it about the … Continue reading


I know that spring officially arrived over a week ago, but it has seemed like winter just doesn’t want to let go. Despite this, the birds are singing, things are greening up, and the flowers are starting to make an … Continue reading