Hummingbird Moth

Anyone not convinced that moths are every bit as beautiful or amazing as butterflies has surely never seen a hummingbird moth. It is exactly what it sounds like – a moth that looks like a hummingbird both in appearance and … Continue reading

Moth or Butterfly?

Throughout the summer I’ve come across many moths and butterflies, each amazing in their own right. On one hike to a high alpine lake, a friend and I spent our lunch break watching a pair of moths with pale blue … Continue reading

The Boo-Hoo Flower

The boo-hoo flower is not it’s real name. But it is an appropriate nickname. The real name is Arctic gentian. It is a lovely goblet-shaped wildflower that grows in clusters, low to the ground in moist areas at or above … Continue reading


I feel that I would be remiss if I did not give this word the attention it deserves. Years ago on a hot, hot summer day, I saw a squirrel splayed out on our picnic table in the shade…front legs … Continue reading

Sand Crabs

A rite of passage for any kid on a sandy, ocean beach is digging for sand crabs. But you have to be in the right place. Wait in a spot where the waves will come in and wash gently over … Continue reading


On my summer trip to Maine we spent all of our time on the coat, enjoying the ocean, the rocky shoreline, and the tidepools. Among the state’s many wonders, I was awed by how great the tidal ranges were there; … Continue reading

Footsteps in the Forest: Biome Explorers

Our last biome journey is into the world’s forests. Did you know that there are more than 60,000 different species of trees in the world? They also cover one third of Earth’s land, totaling more than three trillion trees! In … Continue reading

Tour the Tundra: Biome Explorers

Grab a coat – on our next biome exploration we will Tour the Tundra to discover the plants and animals that inhabit the Arctic, the Antarctic, and alpine tundra. This biome is vast, treeless, and mostly frozen – it’s also … Continue reading

Grassland Globetrotting: Biome Explorers

Book #3 in my upcoming picture book series is Grassland Globetrotting. In this book we journey across grasslands – wide open spaces of grasses, grazing animals, and frequent wildfires. They are places where there’s enough precipitation for grasses and flowers … Continue reading

Aquatic Adventures: Biome Explorers

Another book in my upcoming picture book science series explores Earth’s largest biome: water. Approximately 71 percent of the planet covered in it. And of all the water on Earth, over 96 percent is in the oceans. In Aquatic Adventures: … Continue reading