Migrating Geese

I remember Canada geese flying in a perfect V-formation over our house every fall when I was a kid. In my memory, this always happened on a Sunday; we’d hear them approaching because of the honking and go outside to … Continue reading

Red-Tailed Hawk

While on a walk the other day, I came across this bird having lunch. Not a good day for the mouse, but a great one for the hawk. We see these hawks a lot where I live, but not often … Continue reading


Today is a day to celebrate recycling! It is indeed an odd thing to celebrate, and yet it is an important one. Believe it or not, there are still many, many people in the United States who do not recycle … Continue reading


On a recent hike, I walked through an area with a very distinct smell – skunk. And based on the stench, it seemed recent, though we were hiking during the day and skunks are nocturnal. Still, it was a powerful … Continue reading

National Bison Day

It’s quite likely that the holidays marked on your calendar don’t include National Bison Day. Well, it’s coming up, the first Saturday of November. So mark those calendars! It is a day to celebrate the role bison play in our … Continue reading

Two-Headed Turtle

Last week I came across an article about a 2-headed turtle. For me (and probably most people?), the headline alone was enough to make me read it. So, I read. The condition, called bicephaly, is simply a case of conjoined … Continue reading

Bat Appreciation

Bats are a big part of Halloween, used to incite fear and build up a spooky atmosphere around the holiday. There are a lot of theories out there about how bats came to be associated with Halloween, but no matter … Continue reading

Bear Season

‘Tis the season for ghost and goblins, everything pumpkin spice, and bears. I realize that’s not a combo you often hear of, but bears are VERY active right now as they fatten up before winter. I hope the bear in … Continue reading

Rocky Mountain Bee Plant

I’ve lived in Colorado almost 30 years now and I don’t recall ever seeing a Rocky Mountain bee plant. This is odd for a lot of reasons, including the fact that I’m outside all the time and I love flowers. … Continue reading

Bees Still on the Brain

As I continue to watch the bees in my yard moving around on the fall flowers, I started to wonder what bees do in the winter. I should know this, right? Well, in Colorado they don’t migrate, and they don’t … Continue reading