One simple thing that everyone can do is CARRY a reusable water bottle. Do you already do that? Congrats! If you don’t, are you wondering why you should? Because carrying a reusable water bottle eliminates the use of bottled water … Continue reading


I encourage you to WATCH documentaries about Earth. Now surely you’re wondering, how does watching television help the planet? Good question. The answer is that by watching documentaries you learn. You can learn more about our amazing planet and its … Continue reading


Dear Readers, Like so many people around the world, I’m concerned about our planet and the biodiversity we share it with. Humans are affecting Earth like no other species before us. But we also have the ability to slow, stop, … Continue reading

Biofluorescent Springhares

I would imagine that just about everyone associates pink rabbits with Easter and children’s toy stores. Think again. Biofluorescent springhares are real animals. And they are biofluorescent (not to be confused with bioluminescent). If an animal is biofluorescent, it means … Continue reading


When you look at a saiga, probably the first thing you notice is its comical, bulbous nose that is slightly trunk-like. In some ways, they resemble something conjured up by Dr. Seuss. And yet the saiga is a real-life antelope … Continue reading

Self-Decapitating Sea Slug

Yes, you read the title of this blog correctly. There are actually two species of sea slugs that can (and DO) remove their own heads. This process of voluntarily shedding a body part is called autonomization. Other animals shed tails … Continue reading


The other day at lunch during home learning, one of my sons looked out the window and yelled, “Bobcat!” We get a lot of wildlife through our yard, but in over a decade, never a bobcat. And yet, I’ve learned … Continue reading

Cue the music…happy birthday to you… Yes, the aliens have landed and my new picture book science series about space publishes today. My hope is that they help make space science engaging, enjoyable, and fun for kids. That’s one reason … Continue reading

THE SUN: Shining Star of the Solar System

Oh, the sun…it’s slowly, slowly, slowly sticking around longer each day in the northern hemisphere. Daily temperatures are a little warmer. Spring is near. At last. Our sun is one of hundreds of billions of stars in our Milky Way … Continue reading

THE STARS: A Gazillion Suns

If you are lucky enough to look up at a dark night sky, it will shine with stars. They look like tiny dots of light. Lots of them. Yet have you ever considered how many stars are out there? Before … Continue reading