Bees Still on the Brain

As I continue to watch the bees in my yard moving around on the fall flowers, I started to wonder what bees do in the winter. I should know this, right? Well, in Colorado they don’t migrate, and they don’t … Continue reading

Bees at Work

The sunflowers at the end of my driveway are volunteers – I didn’t plant them or water them, they just appeared. And, they are a very welcome addition, especially now that they are in full bloom. One morning when I … Continue reading


Last year, Colorado experienced two of its worst wildfires in state history. One of these, the East Troublesome Fire, exploded on October 14 and swept through the mountains and forests at an unprecedented rate. It quite literally was a firestorm. … Continue reading


There is something magical about hiking to a high alpine lake in the summertime – the towering mountains, the crystal clear water, the bluebird-colored sky, and the wildflowers. But in late summer at high elevations, those flowers are dwindling, and … Continue reading

National Hummingbird Day

I’ve done a post before about hummingbirds to bring attention to the amazing discoveries scientists are making about their beaks and tongues. This time I want to celebrate national hummingbird day coming next weekend – Saturday, September 4, 2021 (celebrated … Continue reading

Bald Eagle

While visiting the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge with friend, we spotted a large bird in a tree near a lake. As we approached, it was clear this was not a hawk. It was much too large. Based on … Continue reading

Mountain Goats

On a recent hike I had the luck to run into this guy and the rest of the herd at about 12,500 feet. It’s hard to believe they can live up that high, eating only alpine grasses and plants – … Continue reading

SHOP Responsibly

As we enjoy the last days of summer (where did the time go?!?!?) before school starts up again, thoughts turn to shopping – clothes, shoes, supplies, etc. And believe it or not, the choices you make when you get ready … Continue reading

HOUSE Cats Indoors

For many people, cats are the perfect pet. Yet among cat owners there is also a great debate – should my cat be an indoor cat or an outdoor cat? For anyone interested in protecting wildlife, HOUSE domestic cats indoors. … Continue reading


Take the time this week to go to a natural place. Could be a trail, beach, park, forest, or a lake. Sit quietly. LISTEN. The longer you sit, the more you will hear. Do you hear water trickling down a … Continue reading