Tarantula Migration

‘Tis the season. Many animals in the northern hemisphere are preparing to migrate toward warmer places. Smart animals. There is one migration in Colorado that is particularly interesting. It is called a migration, but is more of a love march. It’s the annual tarantula migration in the southeast part of the state near La Junta.

Desert Tarantula

Photo Credit – James Marvin Phelps

Every year in September, male tarantulas begin their march across the grasslands in search of love. When male tarantulas reach maturity at 7-10 years of age, they leave the safety of their burrows to find a female. Some will travel up to 20 miles.

Once a male finally finds a female’s burrow, he will drum his legs at the entrance. Then wait. After hearing the courting male’s knock, the female may come out to mate. Or she may just come out to eat him. And sometimes, she’ll do both.