PLAN a Summer Menu

A few weeks ago I talked about eating local – visiting farmers markets and local farms. It’s a great way to support local farmers, reduce food miles, and enjoy fresher, tastier food. Now that we are further into the summer season there are even more fruits and vegetable available locally. So this week, PLAN a menu based on the foods available at a nearby farmers market or farm!

Photo by Aaron Cloward on Unsplash

Visit first to see what’s available. This can include eggs and meats too which, of course, aren’t seasonal but are still locally grown. Take notes or pictures. Then spend some time thinking about how these items could be used in a meal. Will you make breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Or all three? Try it out. Perhaps another week you can challenge yourself and your family to plan an entire week of meals that are seasonal and locally grown.

This may seem like a small (although tasty!) thing to do, but every small step is one in the right direction. Maybe even invite other family members or friends over for your locally grown meal. Show off and inspire others because it’s #YourPlanetToo.