Plastic Free July

I do realize that previous posts have talked about different types of plastic use reduction So, to some extent, I am repeating myself. And yet I believe that this is a message that does need to be repeated many times in many different ways. This is, in part, because the plastic pollution problem is overwhelming. Yet it is also because it is an easily solvable problem. There are so many things an individual can do to be a part of the solution.

One possibility is to PARTICIPATE in the Plastic Free July challenge! This challenge is about becoming aware of your own plastic use and learning to make small changes. You can start with one small change. The hope is that this will lead to another change. And another. And another.

It might seem like the changes one person makes won’t make any difference at all in the world’s plastic pollution problem. But remember, it’s about the math…more than 300 million people are participating from 177 countries around the world. That’s a BIG difference. Visit the website for loads of information and resources about how to start at home, school, or anywhere because it’s #YourPlanetToo.