GROW a Pollinator Garden

We all know that pollinators are important for flowering plants – they move from flower to flower transporting grains of pollen from one to the other. Yet have you ever considered how important they are? Pollinators are responsible for one in three bites of food we eat. They also maintain ecosystems – without them many plants cannot reproduce causing ecosystems to become unbalanced.

Bees and butterflies are often the first that come to mind when we think about pollinators. But there are many, many others including birds, bats, beetles, wasps, moths, and even flies. All of them are in jeopardy. Loss of habitat, pollution, and climate change are causes of pollinator population decline. This week is pollinator week – an effort to bring awareness to the problem and promote action.

In honor of this effort and celebration, GROW a pollinator garden! You don’t even need a yard to grow pollinator plants – all you need is a small outdoor space like a patio or rooftop. You can use planters or recycled containers to grow pollinator-friendly plants in your area. Consider growing different native plants that will flower during different times in the growing season. Plant clumps of the same type of plant together to make it easier for the pollinators to find them.

Even a small number of plants can help support pollinators in your area. Not only that, watching the pollinators visit your garden is a fun summer activity to help you appreciate that this is #YourPlanetToo.