Take a Hike

Next Saturday, June 5, 2021, is World Environment Day. It also happens to be National Trails Day. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate these days than to take a HIKE! Being outdoors, enjoying nature, and looking for wildlife help us appreciate what an amazing world we live in. It can also inspire us to do more.

World Environment Day was designated to reaffirm governments’ and organizations’ commitment to preservation of the environment. It is also a day to raise awareness.

National Trails Day is a day to commit to caring for trails so everyone can enjoy them. As you walk take time not only to enjoy being out, but try to leave the trail better than you found it by bringing along a bag to collect trash in. This day of celebration is also a day to commit to trail service this year. Click on the link above to learn about events near you and simple actions you can take.

Remember, helping the planet doesn’t mean you have to take grand action. As you hike, soak it in. Enjoy. Be inspired. And consider what you can do to help locally because it’s #YourPlanetToo