CUT Your Own

Do you use a napkin when you eat? Your whole family probably does. In the cafeteria at lunch time, are people using napkins? Most likely. Think about what happens to those napkins at the end of the meal. If they are made of paper, they probably go right into the trash or compost. If you had cloth napkins, though, they could be washed and reused. I’m not talking about fancy schmancy napkins. CUT your own! It’s east to cut cotton fabric into squares. Then, voila! Napkins!

Ask an adult to take you to a fabric store to buy some fabric. There’s often even a bin of remnants, which could be cheaper (but remind your adult that if you buy and use this fabric, they won’t have to spend money on paper napkins anymore!). Some towns also have recycled craft stores that might have fabric. At home, wash the material. Then decide what size napkins you want. Six inches by six inches? Larger? Smaller? Once the napkins are cut, use them at every meal. When they’re dirty, toss ‘em in with the rest of the laundry!

Math time – if you have a family of 5 and you eat dinner together at least 6 days a week, how many paper napkins do you save in week? In a month? In a year? Can you convince your cousins to do this too? It’s an easy way to help and tell them, it’s…