CARRY a Reusable Water Bottle

One simple thing that everyone can do is CARRY a reusable water bottle. Do you already do that? Congrats! If you don’t, are you wondering why you should? Because carrying a reusable water bottle eliminates the use of bottled water or juice, which is usually sold in plastic. Not only that, those bottles are used only one time and discarded.

Let’s say you’re on a sports team and there are 12 players, and no one brings their own water bottle. Instead, an adult provides bottled water or a sports drink for everyone. That’s very kind, but that’s also 12 bottles going into the trash or recycling (assuming they are properly disposed of). Doesn’t seem like such a big deal, does it?

But, maybe you have 10 games per season. So, if everyone on the team brings their own water bottle instead of drinking bottled waters all season, that is now 120 bottles saved. How many teams are in your league in your town? Multiply 120 by that number. See? The number is growing. And the amount of waste is decreasing.

What if everyone in the state did that? It may seem like such a small thing, but it can make a big difference, especially if you get your teammates, classmates, friends, and family to join you. And, remember, it’s…