Dear Readers,

Like so many people around the world, I’m concerned about our planet and the biodiversity we share it with. Humans are affecting Earth like no other species before us. But we also have the ability to slow, stop, and reverse the damage we are doing. The time for change is now.

This amazing planet belongs to all of us. Therefore, we should all be part of the solution; we also have a right to demand change. Yet for most people, kids especially, where to start seems very daunting indeed. Yet youth activists from around the world have shown us that kids CAN and DO make a difference. Can I myself make a difference? Can I help kids make a difference? I’ll never know the answers unless I try. And I invite you to join me.

Today I START…I am taking the first step in honor of Earth Day on April 22. For the next year, I will post new ways for kids to get involved in protecting the planet. This is not to say that I expect you to do it all. Instead, I invite you to pick one action you believe you can commit to and do it. And don’t stop. The idea is that we all need to start somewhere, even if the steps are small. Remember, though, that a lot of small steps by different people can add up to whole lot of change. Get your friends, classmates, and family to join us. Take that first step because it’s…