The other day at lunch during home learning, one of my sons looked out the window and yelled, “Bobcat!” We get a lot of wildlife through our yard, but in over a decade, never a bobcat. And yet, I’ve learned to pay attention when he says he sees something. Sure enough, an enormous, beautiful bobcat passed right by our window. It sauntered into the yard. We ogled.

This cat was an amazing site. On average they are twice the size of a housecat (and much faster!), but this one was larger than that, probably a male. It was healthy, with an amazing coat. Given the time of year, I wonder if it was on the prowl for a mate. I should be so lucky to see kittens in early summer.

Bobcats can live in a variety of habitats, yet not often in areas of heavy snow (like their close cousin the lynx). They’ve adapted to the suburban setting, too. While part of me is sad that this creature must share space with humans, I am so grateful that it is thriving. Though I do worry about the wild rabbits in our yard…