THE SUN: Shining Star of the Solar System

Oh, the sun…it’s slowly, slowly, slowly sticking around longer each day in the northern hemisphere. Daily temperatures are a little warmer. Spring is near. At last.

Our sun is one of hundreds of billions of stars in our Milky Way galaxy and yet, for us Earthlings, it’s obviously the most important one. Not only does it keep all the planets in the solar system in orbit, it gives us heat and energy and light. But what is most amazing about that to me is that our sun is not too far away from Earth, it’s not too close…it’s JUUUUUST the right distance. In fact, Earth is called the Goldilocks planet for that reason. If we were any closer or further away from our sun, life on this planet would be very different (or not even possible at all!).

If that isn’t amazing enough, the potential to use the sun’s energy to power the world is limited only by our imaginations and willingness to do so. In fact, the sun radiates more energy in an hour than we use in one year! See? One more reason to love and admire the sun! There’s a lot more to learn in The Sun: Shining Star of the Solar System, which publishes next week (March 15!) with its space companions The Earth, The Moon, and The Sun.