THE MOON: Small-but-Mighty Neighbor

The moon is a small, unassuming celestial body – Earth’s natural satellite. We watch the moon through its phases, but other than that I’d bet most people don’t give it much thought. Neither did I. But as it turns out, life on Earth would be much different without our moon, if it were possible at all. Wait, what?

It’s true. The moon keeps Earthy steady; without the moon, Earth would be very wobbly, tilting too much on its axis. All that wobbling would mean a crazy climate. The moon also keeps the earth from spinning too fast. In addition to really short days, if the earth spun faster, winds and storms would be stronger. It’s incredible to think about. And small though it is (for a size comparison to Earth, set a green pea next to nickel), our moon is a mighty cosmic ally that we truly can’t get by without.

As I did my research about the moon my mind kept coming back to these facts. One random event in space that is responsible for the creation of our moon changed Earth forever. Want to learn what that event was? Or learn more about the moon? Well then, travel the universe with a couple of snarky, adorable aliens starting March 15!