THE EARTH: One-of-a-Kind Planet

In 2019 my editor at Nomad Press asked if I wanted to do another picture book science series, this time on space. Of course I said YES! But then I thought, oh no, space science is hard! And, it wasn’t a subject I was familiar with. As a kid I didn’t even much like space science. Right there was the challenge – how could I deliver information about complex subjects in a way kids like me could understand and enjoy? And maybe even be inspired to learn more about?

I started noodling. There were a lot of choices to make before drafting:

  • What tone did I want for the series?
  • Who would be the narrator?
  • Would there be layered text?
  • Who is the audience?
  • What do I want the reader take-away to be?
  • What is the hook?
  • What is the entry point for each book?
  • What else is already out there on these subjects?

These are all things an author considers, usually before writing a single word. And because these books were going to be a series, there needed to be consistency. Once I had all that figured out, it was time to write (of course there was A LOT of research too).

Now, on March 15, The Earth: One-of-a-Kind Planet will make its way into world, introducing students to Earth’s place in the solar system, how Earth was created, how life evolved, and more.

P.S. There are aliens in the book too!