A Booklist Top 10!

BIODIVERSITY: Explore the Diversity of Life on Earth (Nomad Press, 2019) IS ON A TOP 10 LIST!!!

Specifically, it is on the Booklist editors’ Top 10 Books on the Environment & Sustainability for Youth 2020. I couldn’t be happier. Not only is this a true honor, but I hope this will get the book in the hands of more young readers.

As an author I have done a great deal of research about nature and the environment. I thought I knew a lot. Yet as I researched BIODIVERSITY, I began to understand how much more there is to know. The biodiversity on Earth is so remarkable it is beyond description. Through my close and careful investigation, I came away with an even deeper appreciation of the natural world than I’d had. I learned about extremophiles (look it up!), the wood wide web, the microorganisms that live between grains of sand on the beach, bee bacteria, and SO much more. More importantly, my research reinforced how intricately tied together everything is.

I hope is that readers will gain a deeper understanding of the biodiversity on our planet and will be inspired to help preserve it. If ever there were a time for change, it is now.