Stink Fight!

I am currently working on a series of picture books about animal adaptations. We all know about camels’ humps, bats’ echolocation, and rabbits’ camouflage. But as I research, I’m learning about so many obscure and wonderful adaptations that get little credit. Right now I’m working on mammals.

In the animal world, there are many different ways that species fight. Conflict resolution ring-tailed lemur style is a whole different approach…STINK FIGHT! Lemurs have glands that produce horrible odors. When male lemurs need to settle an argument, they rub the odor on their tails. Then they waft their tails at each other. The one who can stand the stench the longest is the winner! This kind of stinky stand-off allows lemurs to fight without risk of getting hurt. If only people could learn from this.



I couldn’t believe it when my editor at Nomad told me that Biodiversity earned a starred review from Booklist. I’m honored. But not just because it’s my book. I’m honored because it has such valuable information in it about the amazing biodiversity on our planet and the threats to it. My hope is that the starred review will get the book into more kids’ hands. And that more kids will awed by Earth’s biodiversity. And that kids will be inspired to act.

The full review is on Booklist.





I know that spring officially arrived over a week ago, but it has seemed like winter just doesn’t want to let go. Despite this, the birds are singing, things are greening up, and the flowers are starting to make an appearance. Oh, how I love spring.

So as I wait patiently for warmer, flip-flop days, I will enjoy the flowers and watch the transformation.