Winter Wonderings

Admittedly, I am not a fan of winter. In fact, I am quite ready for winter to be over – for the birds to return, for the flowers to bloom, for the air to warm. That said, winter is not devoid of wonder. I’ve made a conscious effort this winter to get outside more, aside from my regular runs. I’d say I’ve been moderately successful.

This quest has set off a series of questions that could one day become a picture book. Why don’t geese’s feet freeze? Where do worms go in the winter? What do fish do when a lake freezes over? How does a marmot know it’s time to hibernate? How do rabbits find food? What do birds do during a blizzard?

I’ve also tried to focus on the parts of winter that are beautiful. On a recent snowshoe hike, on a cloudless Colorado day, I indeed found what I was looking for.