As I walked home from work the other day, I heard a flock of geese honking. When they appeared overhead, I stopped. When they flew by, they were low enough that I heard their wings flapping. Have you ever heard the collective flap of a gaggle of geese? It’s pretty cool. 

I think geese sometimes get a bad rap because they are loud and leave a lot of evidence behind when they’ve been somewhere. Yet they are really actually quite remarkable. For starters, they mate for life. They also migrate, a feat that is so often unappreciated. They are social creatures. But what I find truly incredible about these birds is their teamwork. They fly in a V for a reason – to help each other fly. The lead bird makes flying just a bit easier for the birds behind them. But most amazing of all is that the more experienced, older birds TAKE TURNS being the leader. I think most people could learn a thing or two by watching geese. And appreciating them.