“Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help, shall all be saved.”

—Jane Goodall


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Tour the Tundra, part of my Biome Explorers picture book series, is one of Skipping Stones’ award winners. In the nature category, these books are chosen because they promote a deeper understanding of nature and ecology. I’m honored to be on this list!


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FALL 2022 – Guest Blog Posts

If you want ideas for how to use the BIOME EXPLORERS series in the classroom, check out these guest blog posts:


AUGUST 2022: Picture Book Science Series – BIOME EXPLORERS (Nomad Press)


MARCH 2021: Picture Book Science Series – SPACE (Nomad Press)

“This visually appealing set in the Picture Book Science series (4 new titles) offers solid introductions to four members of our solar system. Age appropriate, easily digestible explanations describe the origins of each entity, how it evolved to its current state, how it affects human life, and what its future may hold. The text also addresses concerns, such as air, water, and light pollution, and concludes with a nicely designed activity.”  Read the full review here. — Booklist

“The universe brags about one of its best and favorite parts. Depicted as human with lightly toned skin and billows of black hair a-glimmer with stars, Universe squires two wisecracking ETs past the planets (“a pretty neat system, if I do say so myself”), then recaps the history of this one from “hot, bubbly, gassy mess” through the development of life to the appearances of satellites and pizza. In simple language she explains the roles oceans, the water cycle, and our planet’s placement in the “Goldilocks” zone played in the appearance of us…” Kirkus Reviews

“With an upbeat tone and comic-book feel, The Earth: One-of-a-Kind Planet introduces young readers to Earth’s origins and development…a wonderful introduction to our amazing planet.” Read the full review here. Katie Caprino, educator, writer, parent

This is a fun read, which incorporates lots of humor while bringing across the basic information surrounding the sun. The author takes a unique twist by bringing small aliens into a conversation with the sun…and all of that with bright and bold illustrations.” Read the full review here— Tonja Drecker, Bookworm for Kids blog


AUGUST 2020: Picture Book Science Series  – ANIMAL ADAPTATIONS! (Nomad Press)

“Through layered, mischievous illustrations and detailed back matter, the Picture Book Science series plies young readers with a ton of useful facts about how all sorts of animals have evolved to survive in their environments…classroom-friendly and fun, too.” — Booklist

Read more reviews here.



The Fort (Page Street Kids) has launched into the world! It celebrates the power of imagination and compromise, and the magic of a fort.


“Rich text and lush illustrations transport the reader into the children’s imaginations. The standard theme of cooperation and using one’s imagination feels fresh thanks to a diverse cast and reversal of gender stereotypes. With its eye-catching art, important message, and just the right amount of pirate talk, this is a strong addition to picture-book collections.”  Booklist

“The illustrations bring the children’s imaginations to life on the page, turning the fort into lush scenes depending on the beholder, leaving it simple and ragged only when the two argue. The values of imagination and collaboration are conveyed without a heavy hand.”Kirkus Reviews



I am proud to announce that Biodiversity: Explore the Diversity of Life on Earth (Nomad Press, 2019) is one of the Booklist editors’ Top 10 Books on the Environment & Sustainability for Youth 2020! It also earned a starred review from Booklist (April 2019) and is a Junior Library Guild selection (May 2019). I am so honored, and I hope this will help kids learn about the amazing biodiversity on our planet and what we can all do to preserve it! Click on the cover for more information about biodiversity.



I’m proud to announce that School Library Journal gave Crazy Contraptions: Build Rube Goldberg Machines That Swoop, Spin, Stack, and Swivel a very positive review! If you subscribe, click here. If not, here’s the VERDICT: A delight for all budding engineers in elementary grades who, as Perdew puts it, “like to think of complex ways to accomplish simple tasks.”

Also read SLJ’s article, “Make It! Draw It! Build It! 11 Books To Inspire Intergenerational Family Activities,” that includes contraptions!